PLEK! ON 3/08/2013 AT 8:53 PM
Oh, playlist di WMP emang nista ya. Kalo lu mau move on terus lu buka WMP terus di-shuffle, pasti lagu yang ngajak lu buat move on melulu yang keputer.

"For dear ... I’ll never forget
For dear ... The strong, passionate love you gave me"

"It's your lie, tell it how you like

Small minds tend to think alike

"I hold my breath and close my eyes and...

Dream about him
Cause he's 2000 light years away"

"So, we're certainly not sad, so, you certainly won't cry,

And so, even as our old selves exchange farewells,
I won't cry, either."

"'I love you...'

From tomorrow until yesterday, it should've been the same."

"I think they found another cure
For broken hearts and feeling insecure"

"I can never again put on 
That secret heart"

"Love conquers every time

When two hearts come to collide"

"And I,don't wanna know if you are lonely"

"Without pardon the time flowing, 
it cannot change, because you had forgotten"

But still ...

My beating heart belongs to you

All songs belong to H&MC or Green Day.

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