my life would suck without you ON 10/29/2010 AT 3:50 PM
yeah,I know it's a kelly clarkson's song.but it's true,my life would suck without you A.K.A nj,haha xD
everybody says,we have TOO MUCH love.and,hell yeah,I think so,even I've ever quote "too much love can kill you and make you blind"I know it's true,but I don't give a damn.besides,he's coloring my life.he won't make my life sucks :") he always give a damn about me.he always text me (except if we're hiatus because don't have pulse)hold my hand in a moment,and say goodbye before he leave me.even we've deny the fact for about 4 months,hehe xD
we met when we're BCing.everybody's mate us,dunno why.then,we didn't met for 1 month,until we met near a...toilet xDwe want to change our uniform,and of course,in different toilet.then,he said hi to me and talk to me.since that time,not only 7G's student,but all 8 grader mate us too.I was don't love him,but 1 month before we're in a relationship,I started have a chemistry with him.and the first person who know that is...Refi.and,she's a good friend.she always hear my story about nj.then,me,nj,zullian,7g boys,randy,ivan etc watch resident evil together.I sat next to nj,and dunno why,I'm very enjoy it.then I realize that I have a chemistry with him.after we watched the movie,we play DDR together.and ivan took a picture of it -_-
weeks continue,too many people knows that I love nj.I told the truth via my twitter that I love nj so much.I told it just in the afternoon before he wants to be my boyfriend.before that,I told to randy if I love nj and told him to tell it to nj.but nj didn't have any reaction,so I'm very upset.I was crying on my bed.I don't know why,that's the first time I cry because the night,I text him

me : hey,Y U didn't say hi to me?U R sooo snippy to me -_-
nj : hehe,hell yeah,I just finish my dish -,-
me : --"
nj : hey,the date is great...20-10-2010.but the time is missed -,-"
me : haha,hell yeah,missed 3 minutes
nj : yeah...time can't be turned,even I want it.I want to BCing w/ u & ijul again...even everybody's mate us.they thought we're fall in love each other.yeah...but how can I say it?sorry I just say I love you now.want you be my girlfriend?you can deny it and we become just best friend
me : rrrr,haha,I love you too.I wanna be your girlfriend
nj : can you repeat it?
me : I love you
nj : Thanks for accepting :) I LOVE YOU TOO

and we're texting until my pulse fly away.BTW,he text me with bahasa,and I change it a little bit.haha

fact : I ♡ my NJ soooooo much :DD



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