Worry Much? ON 6/21/2013 AT 8:53 AM
Well, I have so much things to worry about this week. It's report week, and tomorrow will be my turn to see the scores of mine in 18 subjects. I just ... oh crap! I'm gonna be a piece of sht again maybe. Well, 2 subjects that I worry much are geography and physics. I've decided that I'm going to take meteorology in college later. Or city planning. So geography is very important here.

But ... OK, I admit it. I won't get 90s on geography subject because ... I always sleep in the classes LOL. The only subject I'm optimist for my score is physics. I dunno why, but it's the ... uhm sorry ... easiest for me.  But funny me, I take geography as the subject in science olympiad. And thanks God, I've made it to the province grade.

And that's the second thing I worry about. The result of the olympiad will be announced around this week. I just ... can't ... I don't know. May I bite pillows, because I think it'll calm me down. THAT OLYMPIAD IS THE ONLY HOPE FOR ME TO GO TO ITB! Well, I still have one more chance next year, but while you can win now (and win it with someone you love, let me cough now) why not? I'm going to win, I'm going to go to national science olympiad. Amen!

Well, those are only two, but ... you know how I fear my future, don't you? I worry those things too much, and the only thing I can do after trying at my best is just ... praying.



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