Well, so... ON 7/11/2011 AT 8:23 AM
I cleaned my room yesterday. That's an OW-EM-JIH moment for a lazy shit like me. I tidied up my bookshelves, and, thank god, I found this.
Well, maybe all of Indonesian Harry Potter fans have it. But I'm still proud xP
Then, I selected some stuff. I wanted to sell something. I need MONEEH! MONEY! I found some stuff that still good for selling xD
First, I'd sell my childhood CDs. LOL! My Hannah Montana's, Demi Lovato's, all of them. Here's the pic for CD's. Rp 50.000,- each xp (it's original!)
Shizzy, those things full my room. I need some Green Day's or Evanescence's XP. Then, I cleaned the papers in my room. I dunno why...I still kept the CCO project paper -_- Haha, it's too many. Hundreds! Dude, more than hundreds paper in my room! I'm Ronald Knox's girlfriend, and I finish his paperwork from William! LOL. But I just kept the papers in a box. Haha.
That's all? Yap. Then, I continued reading Bleach before reading PJP. LAWL! I prefer read Bleach, haha.
Oh, and btw, this is my Sebas-chan doll (Ciel, Grell, and Claude would nosebleed if they saw it. HAHA)


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