back with this shit ON 6/14/2011 AT 1:32 PM
hi there, who read this blog.
I wanna you to know that this blog is came from doomsday. Yeah, it's all because the fucking task. I must do these stupid things:
-I must make the navigation bar disappear
-I must change the template (I love this hand grenade template <3, but I can't use it for the task -_-)
-I must change the favicon (and because that shit, my favicon is...broken T_T)
-Last but not least, I must change the domain (which, I hate it. It takes a long long day)
Yeah, and look, this blog is look like a piece of crap. HAHA! And, unfortunately, when my blog's done, Dien ask me this.
"Put, bikin blognya bareng yuk!"
Shit, I already comfortable with this blog, but, because my broken favicon, so yeah, I'm gonna make a new blog with her. AAAAARGH! This task ruin my blog. SHIT!
So, sorry guys for this shit broken crap. I wish this shit can be fix, but, aaaargh, I'm too lazy to do that.
And, by the way, I'm starting to like this thing
KUROSHITSUJI! Or you guys know it as  Black Butler. FYI, this is the second manga I like after Death Note. Reason? Ciel is gonna be a great yaoi couple with Sebastian. LOL! Just like Death Note (Light makes a great yaoi couple with L Lawliet *_*)
That's all the post after the final exam. Hope my score doesn't like Jinx's score in her final exam (if you guys like Teen Titans, you'd know this shit)


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