Idiot's hand grenade ON 4/27/2011 AT 8:36 AM
If you're not really know me, you maybe asking this question when you visit this blog: why her blog's name is "Idiot's hand grenade"? And why her penname in this blog is 'Whatsername'? One answer to answer both of them: I'm verrrrrrrrry addicted to American Idiot. Yap, American Idiot. Don't know, ask Green Day :P

Actually, I know it not because I've watched it. I know it because Tumblr. TGIT, LMFAO! I wish I could watch it, but, seriously, when the hell they come to Indonesia? They're cool, awesome as fuck. I already know the story too. Oh, c'mon, I really need to watch it before I died. And I found this picture. This picture made me want to watch it, very much.

And I just remembered something. Billie Joe as St. Jimmy. Yeah, that's another reason why I want to watch that. Mommy, send me to NY TT_TT

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