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That's my first favorite pairing in KHR fandom (8059). And because that pairing too I started to really love gayness~♥

I know how cool yaoi things are since I was an 8th grader. That time, I started to fangirl in Kuroshitsuji fandom. And one of my friend (ekhemDien/Ubitekhem) just came and gave me... Sebastia/Ciel doujinshis and fanfictions. I didn't know why, while other people thought that yaoi thing is disgusting, I really enjoy reading yaoi things.

I started shipping yaoi pairings very very hard when I was a 9th grader. And... TADA! Aska, or known as Hana Yazawa (maybe XD), caught me red handed loving yaoi and fanfictions. And we started fangirling together. While I was a hard bleach-fangirl (well, IchiHitsu fangirl I think XP), she told me to read Katekyo Hitman Reborn.At first, I didn't really like it. I didn't enjoy the characteristic. And I didn't find the shounen-ai things (yet).

But when I watched the anime... oh gosh. Globe spins so fast. I saw my first favorite pairing in the fandom. 8059!! Yamamoto and Gokudera! I just... yeah baby yeah!

And if you ask me what is my OTP, I'll answer XS. Xanxus/Squalo. 1039. I found their love when I watched the Varia arc, in Squalo's battle against Yamamoto. There, Xanxus just acted so weird seeing Squalo bitten by 'himself' (Shark). And he pretended to laugh so hard. But it was just... ANGSTY♥ Yeah, baby. I ship them so hard until every time I see them in one screen, I just capture it, and yell crazily like a boss!

Oh, and my reason to post some shit like this is because... IT'S FUJOSHI INDEPENDENCE DAY! Happy FID minna~ Keep the gayness spirit! XDb


Scumbag Hime

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