ON 3/22/2012 AT 8:29 AM
So I have done the tests (only halfway) and I, as a 9th, get a I-dunno-for-what holiday from today until Sunday. Yeah baby, yeah! It's gonna be suck if I don't get any holiday.
And, oh yeah, I spend my holiday for something that called resources. No, it's not about study or some shits like that, bla bla. It's about things that you could have for your blog (of course with giving a credit to the maker).
For example, my favicon. Thanks to her, I get the, yeeeaaaah, favicon. I love it! LOL. And I dunno why, but I start to love tumblr's pixel emoticons, though it looks like...yeah, something you call as someting. Hahaha.
Yeah, conclude that I love tumblr because of the resources, but I found tumblr first than resource XP
And here are some of my favorite emoticons.
 Click here for more Spongebob emoticons.

THIS! Click here for more emoticons like this.

 Kawaii Neeko! Click here.

Actually, I found a lot in tumblr, and...I love the pixel!KHR collection that I use for my favicon. ❤
Besides those emoticons, I also love some PSD, fonts, textures, and tips resources. That's why I call virtual world as WONDERLAND! XD

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