Befor the Almost-Final Examination ON 3/24/2012 AT 11:11 PM
Hi for people who read this! may be my last post before the school's final examination. Seriously, I think I'm not so ready. I don't know what I should study for my Science and Social examination, so I just download the pdf, read what I need, done. And now, I just close my Foxit reader and watch Arsenal vs Aston Villa with my dead, screaming when my bias from Arsenal (Van Persie) failed to goal. C'mon Persie, what's wrong with you?! I spam my timeline with Aska about Gunners and Hetalia. I don't fucking care.
And since this is my last time to fangirl seriously, I made this:
As you see, I don't like to put a watermark on my GIF. But DON'T YOU DARE TO STEAL IT. Shit. Watermark will ruin GIFs (except for using it to write subtitle/lyrics) And sorry if this is so...not AWESOME. Yes, I make this just for fun. I also make the photoset version in tumblr.
Enough with copyright shit. I make this because...I love Varia. So much. If they were really exist, I would like to join them and became the Cloud Guardian, LOL. Most favorite men in Varia? Of course X, S, B, and 26. XANXUS, Squalo, Belphegor, and Fran. They're...mine. #gotelectricshockfromlevi
Anyway, that's all. See you in the last day of April. Bye~



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