Boring new year~ ON 1/02/2012 AT 11:51 AM
Yeah, it's already 2012. Let's see what I've done in 2011 that I'll never regret.

1st, I've discovered Ffn. Yeah, finally I know where to release my...cough...I don't care it's too late to discover it :P
2nd, I started to publish my own GIFs. Fufu, I was making GIF with the easiest gif maker, photoscape xp
3rd, I start to using photoshop~ okay, this is shit, I always lost my crack -_-V
4th, First time I really comfortable in my class. Fyeah!
5th, My otaku soul just get out. Fuu~ck, too late. You know what, people already finished watch KHR while I'm just watching halfway
6th, I was being sooo insane that year. HAHA!
7th, I was start saying, "You dumb, forget him. Just take Gokudera!" to myself. HAHA, dummy.
8th, My rank started increasing. Yahoo!

Okay...while people were reminisce their happy-then-sad moment, I reminisce the time I date my notebook. HAHAHA! I'm still crazy y'know~ I don't want to reminisce about bla bla bla stuff like other people like to do.
Now, let's see my 2012 wish xp

1. I want to get a terrific score for my National Examination and graduate easily.
2. I want to go to the best high school
3. I wish the Art Final Examination success! Go #GRAFFITI!
4. I want to play piano greater than now
5. I want my biases come out from my notebook
6. I want to write better than now

That's all. Happy new year dude! Forget I've written this post :P

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