EVANESCENCE ON 11/17/2010 AT 5:46 PM
you know what song I like listen to in every mood?yeah,evanescence's.
I know it from wesha,actually.the first evanescence song that I know is Bring Me to Life.I was know the song,but I didn't know the title.then,I listened to it over and over again,hahaha.the next day,wesha gave me another evanescence song : haunted (later,I knew that's the demo version only --")then,I opened my laptop and search for evanescence's song (again) in my laptop.oh god,it's too many to have all of,I downloading one song that day : my immortal (the anywhere but home version)then,I always downloaded the evanescence song that week,hwhw.
I collected the singles only,so I tried to find the rare versions one.luckilly,I got it (y) so,my phone's mp3 player is full of evanescence :DD
that's the logo :D

that's the logo too xD

and these are the member
(origin era)

(fallen era)

(the open door era)

I don't know why I love the origin era.I love it when David still have a duet with Amy :D

and,I recommend you to listen to these evanescence songs :
-their singles (bring me to life,my immortal,going under,everybody's fool,call me when you're sober,sweet sacrifice,good enough,lithium,missing,together again)
-haunted *eventhedemoversion
-whisper *alloftheversion
-imaginary *alloftheversion
-farther away
-all that I'm living for
-weight of the world

okay,that's all about evanescence from me xD see ya



P.S.: #np whisper :D

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