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Rules :
1.find a band / singer who has many albums *I pick evanescence*
2.pick at least 2 albums from that band / singer *I pick 3*
3.quote a lyrics from the albums.each song 1 quote *exclude the bonus track*
4.if there's a same song from the different album,just write 2 quotes from the song
5.don't quote lyrics which same with the title
6.good's just for fun xp

Origin :
1)Death is in the most hideous form (origin)
2)Don't turn away (whisper)
3)Lay your head down and stay a while (imaginary)
4)I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone (my immortal)
5)You play the role of all you long to be (where will you go)
6)I still remember the world from the eyes of a child (field of innocence)
7)I will stay forever here with you (even in death)
8)Forget this life,come with me (anywhere)
9)you were never concieved in love (lies)
10)I've woken now,to find myself (away from me)

1)Don't want your hand this time (going under)
2)How can you see into my eyes (bring me to life)
3)Look,here she comes now (everybody's fool)
4)You scream I fight away all of your fears (my immortal)
5)When all this time I've been so hollow inside (haunted)
6)Will I be deny (tourniquet)
7)In my field of paper flowers (imaginary)
8)But who can decide what they dream (taking over me)
9)I'm the lie living for you so you hide (hello)
10)Look for me in the white forrest (my last breath)
11)Catch me as I fall (whisper)

The Open Door:
1)It's true,we're all a little bit insane (sweet sacrifice)
2)You want me,come find me (call me when you're sober)
3)Like god in heaven give me a turn (weight of the world)
4)Don't wanna lock me up inside (lithium)
5)I don't need to touch the sky (cloud nine)
6)Undress in the darkness (snow white queen)
7)Blame it on me (lacrymosa)
8)Lie cold in the ground (like you)
9)I don't really care (lose control)
10)When they're so alone (the only one)
11)And I'm alone now (your star)
12)Lock the last open door (all that I'm living for)
13)Cause I can't say no to you (good enough)

that's all

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